I would recommend Zahida sch of motoring to everyone. Her way of teaching is excellent she has a calm approach. She gives you confidence and encouragement in learning to drive. She is a very good instructor and helps u progress throughout your lessons. Thankyou Zahida for giving me confidence to drive :)

Rehana Bilimoria

21 Aug 2013

Zahida School of Motoring provides incomparable coaching. The instructor 'Zahida' has the skills of an Elite Level Instructor. I recommend 'Zahida School of Motoring' for passing your test at the first attempt. She has a classic way of teaching and the capability to transform you into a very knowledgeable and a safe driver.

Azhar Maqsood

21 Aug 2013

Zahida is a very professional, calm and understanding instructor. I am really pleased with her way of teaching. She really helped me become more confident and alert with my driving. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. Definitely good value for money, very good service and very high quality instructor. I passed test my first time :D

Ferdos Azfar

21 Aug 2013

Zahida is the best I have experienced over the years and I have tried quite a few. She was always very calm, patient and kind and didn't make me feel bad when I made mistakes we just kept trying until I got it right always leaving a lesson on a positive note. She didn't spend ages parked up with me at the side of the road and really made the most of the time we had. I've never got so much into a lesson with any other instructor although she never made me feel overwhelmed. I was very nervous before but she soon put me at ease with a relaxed and positive atmosphere. I really struggled with roundabouts but she kept trying remaining patient and kind trying different methods of explaining until I got it. It was NEVER "this is the method you have to use", if one method didn't work out we tried another. I NEVER felt she was trying to string out the lessons to get more money out of me and she fitted her lessons around my schedule every lesson I felt it was money well spent. I felt well prepared for my test and she did her best to put me at ease and thank you to zahida I passed first time. I wouldn't have been able to do it without such a fantastic instructor Thank you :)

Leanne Pye

21 Aug 2013

I found my experience learning with zahida really good. I was taught by her husband shiraz. Hes an exceptional instructor who helped me build my confidence in driving. I would recommend this driving school to anyone. Both zahida and her husband are great instructors!

Sofia Kassam

21 Aug 2013

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